Download Bus Simulator Ultimate Mod APK v1.5.2 For Android

App NameBus Simulator: Ultimate
AuthorZuuks Games
Size67 MB
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Last Updated1 Day Ago

Bus Simulator Ultimate Mod APK is a racing game that allows you to travel all over the world. Almost 7 out of 10 people are fond of this game. If you are also a fan of this game and want to play the modded version of this game, then you are in right place. If you have not played this game yet, and do not know how to play this game then you do not need to worry. If you want to know more about this game, then read this.

This article will guide you through everything about this game. You just need to read this complete article to understand this game, its features, installation guide, and much more. If you guys have any questions regarding this game, then you can ask us. If you like this article then kindly give us a 5-star rating to encourage us and let us know your review about this game in the comment section.

Bus Simulator Ultimate Mod APK

Bus Simulator Ultimate Mod APK is a modded version of the Bus Simulator Ultimate game. This game is a simulation game in which you have to drop the passengers at their destinations. In this game, basically, you have to prove yourself as the number 1 driver by picking the passengers and drop them at their destination.

This game is very easy to play. Anyone can play this game and pass the mission without any difficulty. But still, if you are a weak gamer, then we are here with the modded version of this game. This version has so many features that will help you to pass every mission and to become the number 1 driver.

How to Play Bus Simulator Ultimate Mod APK?

Before you start playing Bus Simulator Ultimate Mod APK, make sure you follow the traffic rules to drive safely. Now, Start your bus using the start/stop button. On the right side of the screen, press the shift key and hold the “D” position. Control your bus with the brakes and acceleration buttons. If you want to pick or drop passengers, you will need to stop the bus by using the stop button.


Create Your Own Route: In this game, you can set your own routes in different countries such as Turkey, Brazil, France, the USA, Italy, Germany, Azerbaijan, Russia, Netherlands, and Spain, etc. The routes can be created with the help of a realistic map but you will have to pay for creating your own root.

Multiplayer league: You can play this game in the multiplayer league. You just need to pick passengers and drop them at their desired place to pass the mission. In order to complete the mission successfully, you have to follow traffic rules.

Garage: You will find a lot of new cars in the garage which you owe them or not. If you like any car, you can click on gallery. There you will find the different models of many cars with famous brands such as Setro, Merce-Ben, Tempa, and Irzar, etc. You can choose your desired car based on its capability of fuel and service.

Realistic Graphics: Bus Simulator Ultimate Mod APK provides you best graphics results. If you want to learn to drive, then you should play this game because its graphics are so realistic that you will feel it’s you who is driving the bus.

Departure Route: This feature displays the location of the root you created. This will help you to decide how much distance you want to cover. You can also choose to connect the locations in the root for your convenience.

Easy and Intuitive Controls: This game is very easy because of its intuitive control. You just have to pick and drop passengers safely and do not need to do anything.

Drivers: Here is the list of drivers. You will need to choose an affordable driver based on bis capability. If you scroll down the list, the amount of payment of the driver will gradually increase.

How to Install Bus Simulator Ultimate Mod APK?

This is a modded version of Bus Simulator Ultimate. That’s why this app is not available in the Play Store. If you want to download this game, then you are in right place. We have provided you the link to this game above. You just need to follow some simple steps to download and install this game on your device.

  • First of all click on the download button of this page which is given above.
  • Now, wait for the download to be completed.
  • Open the file from File Manager.
  • Click on the install button to install the file.
  • Before, you have to enable “Unknown Sources“.
  • Now, wait for the completion of the installation.
  • After the app is installed on your device, you can play this game.


How to Attract Passengers to the Bus Simulator Ultimate Mod APK?

To attract passengers, you will have to stop the bus at the green and striped arrows. Align the bus correctly by using the drive and reverse gear. Open the door of the bus. If you picked up the passenger, you may begin your journey.

How to Earn Coins in a Bus Simulator?

You can earn 10 gold coins and a lot of money if you play the game for 7 consecutive days. This bonus will be rewarded after 6 days. It means you can earn more money and coins after 1 week.

How Can You Improve Comfort in Bus Simulator Ultimate Mod APK?

You can improve comfort by providing many facilities such as Wi-Fi and multimedia. You can select the options under the “Personalization” icon.

How to Update Bus Simulator Ultimate Mod APK?

If you want to play an updated version of this game, then you have to come to this page regularly to check whether the update is available or not. You will immediately get the updated version from this page.


This article has provided you all the information about Bus Simulator Ultimate Mod APK. In this game, you have to complete your task by picking and dropping the passengers to their desired destinations safe and sound. In Bus Simulator Ultimate Mod APK, you just need to follow the traffic rules to pass the mission. You can earn more money and coins if you play this game regularly. The link is given above. You should try this game on your device and enjoy it.

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